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Should You Cancel Your LSAT Score?
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You will have five working days after the test in which to cancel your LSAT score. Take this time to reflect critically on your performance after the stress of test day has passed. Don't cancel your score based on your perception of the difficulty level of the exam. Every exam is "normed" and the scoring is adjusted to reflect slight differences between exams.

Usually, there are only two valid reasons to cancel your score:

1. Test day factors affected your test day experience.
2. Inadequate preparation.

Nervousness is usually not a valid reason. In fact, most students are just as nervous  if not more  on their second attempt. Some nervousness is normal and even healthy.

Your Record
If you take the exam more than once, Law Services reports the average score, each separate score, and each cancellation. Most schools will not question one (or maybe two) cancellation(s) on your record, but will question multiple ones.

***Remember that you cannot take the LSAT more than three times in any two-year period.***

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